Progress on “As written”!

I am working on an album entitled “As written”. It will feature 10 songs for guitar and voice. I have made a lot of progress and written some upbeat tracks to round out the album. I’m excited to officially begin recording in the next month or so.

Check out my Youtube Channel to preview some of the tracks. I went to Codapop Studios in Halifax, NS to record some audio and video. Here is the link for a Video/Recording of Sunrise Manor:

Upcoming Shows in 2016

My Debut EP was released December 23 2015.

I’ll be spending time this month focusing on my next album, “Evangeline”.

I was recently involved in a wonderful project with Symphony NB entitled “La Vallée des possibles”. I performedthe role of “Charles Leblanc”, as a tenor. Here is the link for a radio-canada feature on the project:

I was also fortunate to perform in the FrancoFete in Moncton, also in October 2015.


Recent Events

The past few months I’ve had the opportunity to play some great shows with some amazing people.